How to develop the “Clown” inside you.

Finding the clown inside you is a very important undertaking. It will help make you unique from any other clown out there. It will give your clown character a style all its own. The clown inside has been there all along. It’s been there since you first discovered you could make people laugh.
You need to nudge that clown part of yourself to come out and play on occasion when you have an audience. Part of how you do this is to find some part of yourself and simply exaggerate it to an extreme. If you are a shy type, you could choose a clown character who does not speak. Kids could have a great time trying to get you to talk.
As a clown, you are in the realm of the comedian. You want to make people laugh. You want to do the unexpected. A little slap stick comedy perhaps? You want to be unique in your own way. Choosing your character type is very important. Don’t take it lightly. The traits you choose now will affect the costume you choose and the makeup you wear.
Try making a list of comedians you enjoyed in the past. Collect comic strip and comic book characters you like. Study the way they act and the things they do. Use them for ideas. This may trigger some insight into the character you could develop.